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Tom Liguori

Tom grew up in The Bronx, New York and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering before relocating to the west coast to earn an MBA from San Diego State University. He and his father founded a mail order manufacturing business that grew to over 2,000 employees during his 32-year tenure of leadership. His dual responsibilities of research and development and marketing catalyzed an interest in developing new art techniques as a creative outlet.


Through over 6 years of R&D, he developed a resin and technique that achieved the effect he was looking for in his cellular art. He then looked to other unique, unusual mediums, and eventually built his “cave” - a vibration-free zone needed for the delicate process of producing holographs. Tom derives great joy from seeing scientific phenomena come to life in an art form that is extremely unique, vibrant, and plain fun.


When he’s not creating in his cave, Tom manages a venture capital business and spends a lot of time on the tennis court. He has been married to his wife, Sue, for 46 years, and has three children: Lisa, Catherine, and Daniel.

Get a sneak peek into Tom’s “cave” and learn how his unique artwork is produced.

I think what you see really depends upon the position that you view things from. And to me, that’s kind of a metaphor for life. 

About the Art

Get a sneak peek into Tom’s “cave” and learn how his unique artwork is produced.

A Passion Project

100% of all proceeds from Tom’s artwork benefits three amazing charities helping people around the world.

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